Across the world, people are working to build a new industrial ecosystem, defined by agility, resilience and sustainability. By connecting their teams with trusted information and insights, powered by the cloud, they’re finding new ways to deliver life’s essentials – while driving responsible use of our world’s resources.

Report: The connected industrial economy

84 %
of leaders say key decisions are being made without full data visibility from plants or assets most or all of the time
Cloud solutions manage the complexity of industrial data, driving insights

Top 5 benefits, according to leaders:

1. Agility through greater flexibility and speed in accessing information

2. Reduced plant downtime through real-time data-driven insights and analytics

3. Better collaboration between dispersed teams

4. Efficient collaboration with partner organizations

5. Risk management through enhanced cybersecurity

How are people at the world’s most innovative industries building the connected industrial economy? We spoke to more than 650 industry leaders to find out.

Imagine a world where data flows freely. A new industrial ecosystem in which sharing insights with trusted partners helps enterprises unlock new levels of efficiency and drive sustainability. This is the connected industrial economy and, together with our customers, we’re making it reality.

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