The Age of

Chemical manufacturers play a vital role in global commerce. But today, the industry is being driven to develop sustainable materials and processes at speed. In this new world, businesses are using trusted information and insights to provide a competitive advantage, equip their workforces for success, and deliver the circular economy.

Performance Intelligence

Trusted information and insights
The cloud
AI-infused industrial software

This is the Age of Performance — a new generation of data-driven decision-making, enabled by AI and the cloud. By elevating your organization’s Performance Intelligence, you can ensure continuity as you work to drive sustainable use of the world’s resources.

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Our planet or profits

Performance Intelligence helps you identify inefficiencies and better understand your use of resources, so you can drive sustainable efficiency and growth.

Lowering costs and elevating operations with Asset Performance Management

SCG Chemicals is one of Asia’s largest petrochemical companies, with operations spanning upstream production of olefins to downstream production of polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride.

With such a tightly integrated business, any asset failure has the potential to shut down the entire production line — with major financial repercussions. To address this and reach their goal of zero plant shutdowns, the team saw a need to harness data and build an advanced asset performance management (APM) solution.

A complete solution

We helped the team develop a Digital Reliability Platform (DRP) with the ability to predict equipment health, monitor performance and cut unplanned downtime through advanced maintenance. Using online and offline data, the solution visualizes plant performance and applies AI to predict maintenance.

US$9m savings through enhanced catch failure
100% plant reliability, up from 98%

As well as providing actionable information in less than 10 seconds, the system has standardized work execution and risk management – delivering maintenance savings of 40% and helping the team work safely and sustainably.

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Supply and demand

By connecting AI with industrial software and human expertise, Performance Intelligence helps you to make better decisions, optimize your value chain and thrive in a fast-moving world.

Speeding time to value at a polymer giant

By connecting AI with industrial software and human expertise, Performance Intelligence helps you to make better decisions, optimize your value chain and thrive in a fast-moving world.

At Covestro, digital transformation of production is a key part of their holistic view of the asset lifecycle. This requires a single process model for the entire lifecycle and of all departments involved in process simulation, from Process Design and Automation to Operator Training, Performance Monitoring and Online Optimization.

As such, Covestro needed a single tool that was powerful enough to satisfy modeling experts, yet user-friendly and robust enough for casual users, such as production operators.

14bn sales in 2017
30 production sites worldwide

End-to-end support

The team quickly identified that AVEVA Process Simulation was ideal for their needs, thanks to an easy-to-use interface and user roles that allow each operator to only see information relevant to them. Just as importantly, this powerful solution could easily support the digital transformation of production processes, with a Digital Twin of the process behavior.

Now, Covestro is able to handle problems it simply couldn’t solve before, such as heavily recycled flowsheets. With ongoing support from the AVEVA team, they’re now in a prime position to advance process simulation across the enterprise and play their part in driving the circular economy.

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Automation or expertise

By augmenting your team with rich data and industrial software, Performance Intelligence helps you work smarter and safer.

Redefining agility through intelligent information sharing

BASF is the world’s largest chemical producer. They create chemicals for a sustainable future, providing essential materials to customers across sectors and in almost every country in the world.

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85 %
of businesses plan to increase their investment in digital transformation.
Top 5 solutions that industry leaders believe have the potential to improve sustainability.

1. Real-time collaboration tools

2. Live data, AI and predictive analytics

3. Cloud

4. Energy and resource efficiency

5. Circularity and recycling data management