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As a global leader in industrial software, we work with you to sustain your growth – and shape the future of energy.

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Disruption can never lead to opportunity

Your customers need safe, secure, reliable energy.

But in an era of unprecedented uncertainty, with fluctuating commodity prices and a rapidly advancing sustainability agenda, managing your value chain is more complex than ever.

We’re here to help you find the opportunity in disruption.

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You can only do so much with data

Our software powers 24 of the world’s 25 leading energy companies, across solar and hyrdropower, wind, hydrocarbons and refining.

In times of change, we can help you draw on innovation to turn opportunity into sustainable value.

Our software connects your people, processes and technology in real-time, wherever they are in the world, helping you optimize your asset performance, production and supply chain.

We work with you to identify challenges and implement digital solutions – unifying data, increasing asset efficiency and producing more energy, more safely – so you can remain agile in a fast-changing market.

Using our expert software, detailed understanding and experience in optimizing the value chain, we’re ready to help you shape a sustainable future.

Our technology powers the world’s leading energy providers.

We’re already helping providers like you navigate the biggest changes of our time


ADNOC is the state-owned oil company of Abu Dhabi, and an economic powerhouse – responsible for driving development across the Emirates.

ADNOC needed a way to integrate and align all of its interdependent operations, to help its people find new ways to optimize their assets, unlock value and drive efficiencies throughout the value chain.

We partnered with ADNOC’s leadership team to create the Panorama Digital Command Center – a fully integrated, real-time data visualization system that brings together more than 120 dashboards and 200,000 data points on one interactive 50m screen. As a result, the team saves millions through optimized operations each month.

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BP is one of the world’s largest energy providers, with operations spanning the full range of the oil and gas pipeline in more than 80 countries worldwide.

AVEVA Unified Supply Chain in the cloud, combined with high performance computing, allows them to run detailed analysis to optimize its refinery models quickly.

Now, decisions that took two business days can be made in two hours. As a result, the team can run more complex models, which has led to significant refinery margin improvements and more robust, lower-risk development plans.

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