The Age of

Our world runs on energy — but the industry is changing fast. As nations work to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, the combination of information management and industrial software is empowering teams’ expertise and accelerating the shift to lower-carbon solutions.

Performance Intelligence

World-class data management
AI-infused industrial software

This is the Age of Performance – a new industrial generation in which Performance Intelligence helps organizations to elevate their operations, deliver sustainable efficiency, and find new answers to tomorrow’s challenges.

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Our planet or profits

By helping you identify inefficiencies and better understand your use of resources, Performance Intelligence delivers new opportunities to drive sustainable growth.

Boosting efficiency and cutting waste at a biofuels leader

This is Neste, the world’s largest supplier of renewable diesel and jet fuel. As part of their efforts to become a global leader in renewable and circular solutions, the Finnish company set themselves an ambitious target of becoming carbon neutral by 2035.

Sustainable decision making

To reach their goal, the team needed to ensure they were optimizing every part of the value chain. But with multiple sites and more than 80 process units, cross-business coordination was challenging.

An intuitive digital tool

We helped them deploy AVEVA™ Unified Supply Chain in the Cloud, bringing together real-time intelligence, rapid analytics and decision-making tools in a single digital environment.

2035 target for achieving carbon neutrality
20% improvement in collaboration time

Better optimization

With easy access to shared, real-time information in the Cloud, the team is now able to automate much of their optimization and make fast and accurate decisions, informed by artificial intelligence. The result? Greater efficiency, less waste and faster progress towards their carbon neutral goal.

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Automation or expertise

By augmenting your team with rich data and AI-infused industrial software, Performance Intelligence helps operators collaborate intuitively and drive safety and sustainability.

Driving excellence with cloud-based training

Energy giant Total is one of the world’s largest petrochemical companies, with operations in more than 130 countries.

Training in safety

Total’s operators manage expert, highly technical chemical processes, where incorrect decisions can be costly — and dangerous. Operators need to be highly trained, but it can be difficult to gain real-life experience in a safe and consequence-free environment.

6 dynamic simulators
2k operators trained every year

A model training solution

We helped Total OLEUM create a realistic virtual learning program at its industry-scale process training facility in La Mède, France. The system uses six cloud-based AVEVA™ Operator Training Simulators, deployed in partnership with Microsoft Azure cloud, to create a fully simulated petrochemical facility, complete with fully realized control rooms and accurate responses.

Operators can train in a virtual environment, either remotely or in-classroom, gaining invaluable experience of how to optimize complex processes and respond to potentially dangerous incidents in safety. Now, programs that once took weeks can be completed in hours — helping Total to train more than 2,000 operators, safely and sustainably, every year.

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Make more or use less

Performance Intelligence gives you greater visibility and control across the value chain, delivering deep insights that drive profitability and sustainable efficiency.

Streamlining operations at a global energy leader

As one of the world’s largest oil and gas providers, BP’s downstream business operates in more than 80 countries.

Cross-business coordination

With so many business units, BP found it difficult to quickly adapt to market changes and take advantage of market opportunities. With a lack of insight into the supply chain and a number of outdated technologies that required specialized skills, analysts found it difficult to identify opportunities and act on them.

Intuitive technology

We deployed PI System operational data management together with AVEVA™ Unified Supply Chain in the Cloud to help streamline BP’s supply chain management process. With real-time data, decision-making time has been cut from two days to two hours and thousands of scenarios can be modelled in just minutes.

1.7m bbls processed daily
3min time to access critical data, down from 7 hours

Now, the team can quickly optimize in response to market moves – leveraging the power of their operational data and predictive modelling to deliver significant margin improvements, less waste and increased profitability.

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Supply and demand

By connecting integrated data with with AI-infused analytics, Performance Intelligence helps you to make better decisions, optimize your value chain and thrive in a fast-moving world.

Transforming refinery operations

Idemitsu is Japan’s second largest oil company, with business units spanning petroleum, lubricants, renewable energy and more.

Simplify and optimize using the scale of the Cloud

To meet their long-term strategic objectives, the team identified a need to simplify and standardize their downstream operations. Their goal was to optimize their full enterprise value chain, maximizing economic opportunities for its integrated multi-plant business.

1-3 cents increase in per barrel margin
50% reduction in training time

Better decision-making

We worked with Idemitsu to deploy PI System operational data management and AVEVA™ Unified Supply Chain in the Cloud, bringing together trading, crude assay management, planning, scheduling and distribution into a single application.

Now, the team can make fast and accurate decisions based on real-time visibility and accurate analysis. With better optimization across the supply chain, the team can quickly react to changing market demands, resulting in less waste, better efficiency and an increase in margins per barrel.

85 %
of businesses plan to increase their investment in digital transformation.
Top 5 solutions that industry leaders believe have the potential to improve sustainability.

1. Real-time collaboration tools

2. Live data, AI and predictive analytics

3. Cloud

4. Energy and resource efficiency

5. Circularity and recycling data management