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Data can only do so much

Resilient infrastructure isn’t just stronger or more physically resistant to disruption. It’s more intelligent – making use of fast and accurate data to reduce downtime and unlock new levels of performance, with smart operations and command and control centers.

We help operators around the world deliver safe and resilient services with infrastructure software built on data-powered Performance Intelligence. From smart cities to utilities, transportation software and more, our technology helps them find answers – and shape a more sustainable future for everyone.

Smart Cities

Water and Wastewater Utilities

Power Utilities

Transportation Providers

Building, Facility, Campus Management

Data Centers

Read on to see how AVEVA software is empowering expertise and powering operations centers at Nava Raipur and Anglian Water.

Nava Raipur

  • Powering the next generation of connected communities, as part of India’s National Smart Cities mission.
  • Integrating hundreds of IIOT-enabled systems in one command center.
  • Delivering safe, sustainable services for 560,000 people.

Nava Raipur is a leading member of India’s National Smart Cities mission, a nationwide drive to create new cities and digitize existing ones, with resilience, transparency and sustainability at its core.

Along with strategic partner Schneider Electric, we came onboard to ensure the city ran smoothly from day one.

At the heart of the project is the Unified Operations Center. This central hub allows operators to integrate, monitor, and visualize operational data from IIOT-enabled systems across the city. It’s key to the team’s ability to quickly
respond to incidents and optimize services for more than half a million people every day.

Anglian Water

  • Modernizing a historic network with a state-of-the-art water loss management system.
  • Enhancing network resilience and saving 10 million litres of water every year.


Anglian Water provides the East of the UK with clean, reliable water for drinking, washing and domestic use.

The region’s population is growing fast. Combined with a rising risk of droughts and unprecedented storms, Anglian Water needed to significantly reduce leakage and use its precious resources more efficiently.

Together, we implemented a water loss management system that compares real-time information with performance simulations. Now, operators can spot leaks before they happen, faster than ever before – delivering savings of more than 10 million litres of water every year.

Our technology powers some of the world’s most innovative infrastructure projects.

Anglian Water and Nava Raipur use data to enhance resilience. But what does the best APM 4.0 strategy look like for you?