The Age of

This is an exciting time for infrastructure. As operators are challenged to deliver availability and resilience, they’re finding new ways to use trusted information and insights to empower their workforces for success. From smart cities, to water, power and more, data-driven decision-making is helping operators engineer smarter, operate more efficiently, and drive responsible use of our world’s resources.

Performance Intelligence

Trusted information and insights
The cloud
AI-infused industrial software

This is the Age of Performance — a new industrial generation, enabled by AI and the cloud. By elevating your organization’s Performance Intelligence, you can modernize ageing assets and networks, predict and prevent disruptions, and deliver safe and reliable services for all.

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Our planet
or profits

Performance Intelligence helps you identify inefficiencies and better understand your use of resources, so you can deliver sustainable, resilient services.

Safe, reliable drinking water

In Gwinnett County, the Department of Water Resources (DWR) provides clean, reliable water for a population of almost one million.

The team at DWR are highly innovative, making intelligent use of data in the Cloud – including targeted, secure data sharing with external organizations – to ensure reliable, quality services for residents and businesses. For example, by sharing data with the county’s emergency operations control center, they can monitor and respond to extreme weather events, natural disasters and other disruptions.

8000+ miles of distribution network
100s of water collection points

Breaking down silos

We helped the DWR ensure the flow of data between partners by moving from multiple separate OT and IT platforms to a single, standardized and optimized cloud-based platform.

Now, the team can monitor diagnostic data across the network and predict outages before they happen. At the same time, they can track energy expenditure and use that information to deliver sustainable, efficient services.

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Supply and demand

By connecting AI with industrial software and human expertise, Performance Intelligence helps you make better decisions, optimize your network and provide the services your community relies on.

Creating the future of cities

Nava Raipur, Namchi and Kochima are some of India’s newest Smart Cities, part of a nationwide drive to create new communities and digitize existing ones, with agility, transparency and sustainability at their core.

At the heart of these cities are eight digital operating systems: water, power, street lighting, transport, traffic management, CCTV, contact centers and e-governance. To achieve their goal of constructing highly liveable, world-class greenfield smart communities, the team needed to unify the millions of data points created by these systems.

560k residents
100s of IIoT-enabled smart systems

Real-time visibility

We joined the project early, working alongside our strategic partner Schneider Electric on the development of the flagship smart city, Nava Raipur. We helped deploy a Unified Operations Center, a centralized hub where operators can visualize operational data in real-time, allowing them to monitor, optimize and quickly respond to incidents.

An agile and resilient backbone

After completing work on Nava Raipur, we helped bring the same approach to Namchi and Kochima. Today, all three cities are thriving, with residents benefiting from reliable, optimized services. The team is now looking at introducing the second phase of smart city features, which will include healthcare, education, environmental management and an emergency call center.

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Automation or expertise

By augmenting your team with rich data and industrial software, Performance Intelligence helps you work smarter and make faster, better decisions.

Making plant management mobile

The Seminole County Water District in Florida, USA, provides more than 45 million gallons of fresh drinking water every day.

In 2016, the department decided they needed a more mobile way to manage their multiple water treatment plants, wastewater facilities and reclaimed facilities, and get critical data to field operators.

440k+ residents
45m gallons of fresh drinking water provided daily

Safety and security on-the-go

We helped the team deploy AVEVA™ Insight, enabling operators to quickly access data from any historian and SQL database on their smartphone or tablet device. With personalized notifications based on configurable thresholds, operators can monitor KPIs and address issues before they become a problem.

The new solution has helped boost productivity and improve decision-making, through powerful cloud-based analysis and AI-infused collaboration tools. With fast and accurate data in the palm of their hand, the team can work faster and smarter – cutting costs and ensuring water stays affordable for the citizens of Seminole County.

85 %
of businesses plan to increase their investment in digital transformation.
Top 5 solutions that industry leaders believe have the potential to improve sustainability.

1. Real-time collaboration tools

2. Live data, AI and predictive analytics

3. Cloud

4. Energy and resource efficiency

5. Circularity and recycling data management