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Data can only do so much

What’s the most valuable asset available to manufacturers today?

From food and beverage manufacturing to chemicals, pharmaceuticals and more, the answer is no longer just their operations, supply chain or workforce – though they’re still vital – but in the data they produce.

Because as the industry reckons with global disruption and changing market demands, data-powered Performance Intelligence can help provide the answers – and point the way to a brighter, more sustainable future for everyone.

Smart Factories

Industrial Fabrication

Food & Beverage


Fine Chemicals

Supply Chain

Read on to see how our software is empowering expertise and driving CPG innovation at CLIF Bar, Almarai and Schneider Electric.

Clif Bar

  • Helping The Ultimate Energy Bar™ manage its unique visual bakery operations
  • Launching two factories on-plan within 6 months of each other.
  • Designing each with sustainable values at their core.

CLIF Bar is a nutritious energy bar, popular throughout North America. The leadership team is committed to upholding a rigorous set of values that include supporting its teams and communities and adopting sustainable principles that help the planet thrive.

When the team decided to bring its manufacturing operations in-house, first at a new greenfield site while at the same time converting a brownfield site, they knew sustainable values had to be at the heart of their plans.

We came onboard to help them digitalize and run both new sites. The plants came online within 6 month of each other, on plan, and CLIF Bar now produces over 75% of its production capacity there.


  • Digitalizing Manufacturing Operations at the largest integrated dairy in the Middle East region.
  • Powering better decision making with real-time visibility of plant data.
  • Enabling remote visibility for plant workers with minimal staff required on-site.

Almarai is the world’s largest vertically integrated dairy company and the Middle East’s biggest F&B manufacturer.

They maintain a huge range of dairy, fresh juices, bakery, poultry and infant formula, all of which must be produced safely and delivered fresh to market.

Different sites are responsible for different SKUs, but all products undergo final pre-distribution checks at a consolidation facility. Yet with no real-time insight into their various production operations, the team faced difficulties managing and optimizing across the supply chain.

With AVEVA’s Manufacturing Execution System, team leaders now benefit from real-time oversight of filling and packaging performance.

The result? Better decisions, an optimized supply chain and the capacity to produce more food, more efficiently, for people across the region.

Schneider Electric Batam Smart Factory

  • Helping the world’s 4th top-ranked supply chain digitalize Lean practices within their Smart Factory network.
  • Increase productivity by 10% and improve response time by 70% through automated escalation of issues.
  • Cutting downtime and boost efficiency by more than 40% across the value chain.

Schneider Electric leads the world in automation and energy management. Their Smart Factory program is well-known for its use of Industry 4.0 tech to drive sustainability and scale across a global portfolio.

The Smart Factory in Batam, Indonesia, is a leading light of the program, producing 11 different product lines for Schneider Electric.

We helped the team gain a real-time view of plant performance, unifying all of the factory’s data and helping the operation become more agile and responsive by digitalizing their Lean practices. This helped them monitor and adjust for anomalies, minimize downtime, increase productivity by 10% and improve response times by 70% through automated escalation of issues.

Our technology powers the world’s leading manufacturers.

CLIF Bar, Almarai and Schneider Electric have transformed their manufacturing operations. But how could you do the same?