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Manufacturers are no strangers to change. But today the sector is striving to reach new levels of operational agility and resilience. Across the world, businesses are finding new ways to use trusted information and insights to engage and empower their workforces for success.

Performance Intelligence

Trusted information and insights
The cloud
AI-infused industrial software

This is the Age of Performance — a new generation of data-driven decision-making, enabled by AI and the cloud. By raising your organization’s Performance Intelligence, you can empower teams to respond to change, deliver sustainable growth, and drive responsible use of our world’s resources.

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Make more
or use less

Performance Intelligence gives you greater visibility and control across operations, delivering insights that drive sustainable efficiency.

Transforming the world’s leading discrete manufacturing network

Schneider Electric is a leading manufacturer of power management solutions, with a presence in more than 100 countries. With the Smart Factory Program, the organization set out to harness Industry 4.0 and drive sustainability and operational effectiveness at its plants.

The team wanted to digitalize work management, digitally monitor equipment and labor effectiveness and to easily scale across a network of more than 100 global factories, using the power of cloud.

70% faster response time
8% patents received

Delivering continuous improvements

We worked with the team to develop a cloud-based system, purpose-built to drive lean work management practices and enable data-driven performance measurement in discrete manufacturing.

The result is a novel software application that enables complex analysis of Schneider Electric’s vast manufacturing operations.

With digital process management and real-time visibility into shop floor operations, the new cloud-based system has delivered an impressive 10% increase in worker productivity and 70% faster response time through automated escalation of issues.

After successful pilot programs, the team has since scaled deployment to more than 100 manufacturing sites in just three years. Today, five of the factories have been designated global sustainability lighthouses by the World Economic Forum, driving sustainability and innovation best practices for the entire sector.

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or expertise

By augmenting your team with broader, deeper information management and AI-infused insight, Performance Intelligence helps you work more efficiently, drive safety and sustainability and make faster, better decisions.

Increasing productivity through future-proofing and improved cloud-based insights with labeling giant, Nita

Nita, a specialist in engineering and building labeling machines, looked to AVEVA to help future-proof their latest model and increase its ease-of-use and data capabilities for operators.

Nita needed to create a next-generation labeling machine with advanced features, including a user-friendly interface that removed the need for specialist skill and delivered real-time overall equipment effectiveness data.

The team wanted to seamlessly connect and integrate the new machines using software that could be easily configured for each user, helping customers maximize productivity.

Building for the future, today

Nita chose AVEVA Edge as their SCADA solution. With a strong product roadmap and frequent updates, the team were reassured that software would always stay aligned with enhancements to their machines.

AVEVA Edge enables rapid deployment of template HMI applications, allowing Nita to rapidly develop applications for customers and roll them out quickly.

3 months from design to market

Customer-driven solutions

With AVEVA Edge, Nita were able to quickly develop and deploy their next-generation machines. Now, it’s helping to upskill Nita’s customers’ existing teams and ease workforce transition with simple, easy-to-use interfaces and applications.

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Supply and demand

Performance Intelligence helps you make better decisions, optimize your operations and respond to changing market conditions.

Digitalizing operations at the Middle East’s largest integrated dairy

This is Almarai, the world’s largest vertically integrated dairy company and the Middle East’s biggest food and beverage manufacturer.

A vertically integrated supply chain

Almarai manufactures a huge range of products across dairy, fresh juices, infant formula, bakery and more.

Products are manufactured at multiple sites across the region before arriving at a central distribution center and replenishment hub. Here, they’re checked and sent on to market, enabling Almarai to ensure quality and respond to fluctuating demand.

18m+ daily customers
#1 largest vertically integrated dairy

With little insight into the daily production operations, it was difficult for the team to manage and optimize across the supply chain.

Real-time oversight

We helped Almarai introduce AVEVA software to provide real-time visibility into filling and packaging performance.

Now, the team can make more informed decisions, better support their supply chain strategy and produce more food, more efficiently for people across the region.

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Our planet
or profits

Performance Intelligence helps you identify inefficiencies, better understand your use of resources, reduce waste and loss and drive sustainable operations.

Using big data to drive sustainability at a global FMCG giant

As a global laundry and home care leader, Henkel is committed to sustainable operations and came to AVEVA to help realize their sustainability vision.

Henkel 2020+ is a series of initiatives aimed at delivering sustainable and profitable business growth through digital transformation. Their objective: to become three times more efficient by 2030.

Driving energy efficiency

To reach their goal, Henkel needed a better way to capture, understand and communicate energy consumption and emissions data from across Laundry and Home Care’s global supply chain. At the same time, they wanted to cut energy consumption across production sites, using ISO 50001 standards as guidance.

A new digital backbone

Early in the project, Henkel identified the need for a new environmental management system, able to integrate with legacy hardware and assimilate with future hardware communications standards.

We helped them create a new energy monitoring system based on AVEVA software. As of 2020, the system incorporates more than 4,000 physical and virtual sensors, capturing over one million data points a day across electricity, fossil fuels, compressed air, steam, water and sewage.

16% energy emissions savings YoY
37m energy savings over four years

Data-driven results

Today, the system is used by more than 2,000 employees to easily observe and analyze performance and identify possible improvements.

As well as delivering meaningful progress towards sustainability goals, the solution has saved Henkel €37m to date. That equates to full payback four times over — with 100% ROI delivered after less than four years.

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85 %
of businesses plan to increase their investment in digital transformation.
Top 5 solutions that industry leaders believe have the potential to improve sustainability.

1. Real-time collaboration tools

2. Live data, AI and predictive analytics

3. Cloud

4. Energy and resource efficiency

5. Circularity and recycling data management