The Age of

Our communities rely on affordable power. But as the world works to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, the way that power is generated is changing. Today, companies are combining information management with industrial software to empower their teams’ expertise, adapt to change and maintain their competitive edge.

Performance Intelligence

World-class data management
AI-infused industrial software

This is the Age of Performance – a new industrial generation in which Performance Intelligence helps organizations elevate their operations, enhance reliability and efficiency, and find new answers to tomorrow’s challenges.

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Our planet or profits

Performance Intelligence helps you identify inefficiencies and better understand your use of resources, so you can drive sustainable efficiency and growth across the grid.

Keeping electricity affordable in Arizona

Arizona Public Service (APS) provides the state’s inhabitants with essential utilities. Today, they’re responsible for delivering reliable electricity to the 2.7 million Arizonians – a vital service in a region known for its long, hot summers.

With half of its 6,000-strong workforce approaching retirement, the team knew training new operators had to be a key part of its operational excellence strategy. But with teammates spread far and wide across the state, they needed a way to deliver world-class training remotely.

6k+ Employees
295k+ km2 area covered
Training in the Cloud

We partnered with APS to introduce cloud-based training using AVEVA™ Operator Training Simulator. Using generic power plant models, the team could learn processes and procedures across plants, regardless of how they were configured.

Now, operators can train for all scenarios from their home plant, replacing the usual three days away from their role. With an effective, continuous training strategy, APS can ensure operational excellence without heavy spending – keeping electricity affordable for their customers and driving significant sustainability benefits from lower travel and more intuitive training systems.

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Automation or expertise

By augmenting your team with rich data and industrial software, Performance Intelligence helps you work more effectively and drive sustainability.

Upskilling teams with enhanced simulation

The Seward Generating Station is part of a new generation of environmentally friendly power stations. It makes use of a Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) technology to economically use low quality waste fuel, not suitable for traditional coal-fired stations, while assisting in reclaiming fallow land.

As part of the transition to the CFB technology, the team came to AVEVA looking for a way to bolster the station’s efficiency through enhanced operator training and procedural improvements.

650k+ homes powered
3m metric tons refuse removed per year

A new power generation process

Transitioning from a standard pulverized coal-fired process to CFB required the workforce to learn distinct start-up and shutdown sequences as well as new equipment maintenance procedures. As a result, plant management focused on ways to leverage the knowledge of its experienced operators so that it could be easily transferred to staff involved in the operator training program.

We helped deploy an AVEVA™ Dynamic Simulation solution with exceptional levels of process fidelity, helping operators gain invaluable experience of one of the world’s largest CFB plants.

The solution includes a realistic representation of Seward CFB boilers, a virtual simulation of the plant’s control system and accurate modeling of the coal ignition process. Now, operators can empower their expertise, safely and sustainably — driving sustainable performance and operational excellence across the board.

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Make more or use less

Performance Intelligence helps you unify and optimize engineering and operations to deliver even greater efficiency.

Keeping India switched on

Tata Power is India’s largest integrated energy company, with an installed generating capacity of 8,750 MW and another of 9,100 MW under development.

With such a large and complicated network, the team needed a way to avoid asset failures, reduce downtime, improve maintenance planning and provide early warnings of emerging issues.

30% clean energy portfolio
9.5m customers

Catching faults before they happen

As part of their long-term asset maintenance strategy, Tata Power chose AVEVA™
Predictive Analytics to constantly monitor the health and performance of critical assets and provide early warning notifications. The system combines AI with advanced pattern recognition to learn critical assets’ unique operating profiles, detect anomalies and identify root causes.

Using an intuitive web application, the team can manage alerts, retrain models and analyze trends. As a result, faults can now be identified days, weeks or even months before they happen — cutting unplanned maintenance, reducing costs and ensuring power remains reliable and and driving sustainability throughout Tata’s power operations.

Performance Intelligence gives you greater visibility and control across your assets, delivering deep insights that drive sustainable efficiency.

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Our communities or profit

Performance Intelligence gives you greater visibility and control across your assets, delivering deep insights that drive sustainable efficiency.

Keeping the lights on for millions of Americans

With 60 plants in seven states, Duke Energy is responsible for providing reliable, affordable electricity to a population of 7.2m. The team’s ambitious sustainability vision is founded on their digital operating model.

The Monitoring and Diagnostics (M&D) team had been using operational data management combined with predictive analytics at small scale since 2004. But, after a failure in 2011 caused four months of lost generation, the team came to AVEVA to reshape the program, infusing AI to predict and prevent future incidents and accelerate their sustainability vision.

58k MW generating capacity
US$34m savings in a single early catch event

AI-infused analytics in the Cloud

The new M&D Center uses several tools, including PI System operational data management and AVEVA’s predictive analytics capability to observe assets, analyze performance and catch impending problems. With 11,000 models and over 500,000 data points, just five analysts can monitor over 87% of Duke’s portfolio.

Strategically placed IIoT sensors produce data that is used by AVEVA™ Predictive Analytics AI-infused software to detect equipment failure before it happens – driving better performance and improving uptime.

Predict and prevent

The combination of market-leading operational data management with world-class analytics has already produced significant cost and sustainability benefits, delivering savings of over US$34 million with a single early catch event in 2016. Now, the team is focused on further improving their sensor and instrumentation infrastructure, so they better supply their community with affordable, reliable, efficiently-produced power.

85 %
of businesses plan to increase their investment in digital transformation.
Top 5 solutions that industry leaders believe have the potential to improve sustainability.

1. Real-time collaboration tools

2. Live data, AI and predictive analytics

3. Cloud

4. Energy and resource efficiency

5. Circularity and recycling data management