Report: Connecting The Industrial Economy

As the power industry faces up to unprecedented economic challenges, success depends on advancing digital investments — including data-centric operations, connected worker technologies, and cloud-enabled industrial software. But how are the leading companies adapting? We spoke to more than 650 leaders to find out.

  • Why the adoption of industrial cloud platforms is key to driving agility, resilience, and sustainability

  • Which technologies leading chemical manufacturers are prioritizing for investment

  • The top challenges facing the sector — and how leaders are overcoming them

Engineering a trusted digital twin

Across the world, digital twins are helping industrial businesses make giant leaps forward in design, optimization, operation, and change management. Find out how you can do the same.

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Explore the plant of the future

Whether you’re engineering a new project or transforming an existing plant, take a look inside the plant of the future and uncover insights you can put to work today.

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Enhance your operational agility

To succeed today, agility and adaptability are essential. Find out how we can help you optimize your value chain and find new opportunities to build agility and resilience.

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